The start of everything

The first agency I worked with taught me literally nothing about this industry…lol. I look back on those days and wonder how I did it.  There was an extremely quick interview followed by fast photo session and then I was in a car going to my first appointment.  I remember saying to the driver “is there a place I can buy a vowel?”  It was a crazy time in my life.  I was recently divorce and trying to raise a child, be the best pta mom I could be and make enough money to keep my head above water.  I never wanted my child to suffer or know how close we were to loosing it all.  Entering this industry provided the best answer to a very real issue.  How could I be the mother I wanted to be and still make the money I had to make.  I never dreamed of being in this industry nor could I have ever imagined this is where I would end up.  It is the perfect option for me….I could work at night after my child went to bed and the babysitter arrived, be home in time for a quick nap and up to take my child to school and become super mom.